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Google Analytics for Beginners Answers Assessment 3 and 4

Google analytics for beginner

Assessment 3

Google Analytics for Beginners answers…….

1. What setting must be enabled to view data in Demographics and Interests Reports?


2. What report would best help identify potential browser issues with website traffic?


3. What report shows whether a website was viewed on mobile devices?


4. Which Traffic Source dimensions does Google Analytics automatically capture for each user who comes to your site?


5. Which of these are “sources” in Google Analytics?

(select all answers that apply)


6. Which of these are “mediums” in Google Analytics?

(select all answers that apply)


7. Which of these are channels available in the default Channels report?

(select all answers that apply)


8. Which report can show how well particular sections of website content performed?


9. Which report lists the pages of a website where users first arrived?


10. Which report should be used to check if users are leaving from important pages on your website?


 Assessment 4

1. What are the three different campaign tags that Google Analytics requires for accurate campaign tracking?


2. Which of the following is NOT a standard Google Analytics campaign parameter?



3. If you would like to quickly generate campaign tags for tracking, what tool should you use?


4. Which of the following is the correct format for a custom campaign parameter added to a URL?

(select all answers that apply)


5. Which of the following are examples of Goals in Google Analytics?

(select all answers that apply)


6. When you create a Goal in Google Analytics, you must set up a funnel visualization.


7. If the Google Merchandise Store sets up a URL goal of “/thankyou” and a Match Type of “Begins with”, which of the following pages on will count as goals?


8. AdWords lets users advertise on which properties?

(select all answers that apply)


9. Auto-tagging is the process in which AdWords can automatically tag your AdWords URLs.


10. Which of the following AdWords reports in Google Analytics should you use to investigate optimizing conversions by modifying bidding based on users’ location?


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